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Pre-vacuum Pressure Steam Sterilizer

Model : ST-PV24B; ST-PV45B

Capacity : 23L; 45L
Chamber Size : Φ246X450mm; Φ320x620mm
External Sizes (WxDxH)(mm) : 715X513X425; 900x565x600
Working Temperature : 5C-40C
Sterilization Temperature : 134℃/121℃
Professional grade pre-vacuum pressure steam sterilizer is perfect for all general medical and laboratory applications.

ST-PV24B/ST-PV45B is a pre-vacuum pressure steam sterilizer that fully complies with CSSD and GMP specifications. The steam sterilizer uses vacuum to form a negative pressure in the sterilization cabinet and extracts cold air so that the saturated steam can quickly penetrate inside the items for sterilization.

Pre-vacuum Pressure Steam Sterilizer Features:

  1. Complies with european Class B standard for effective sterilisation. Ensures thorough and effective sterilisation.

  2. ST-PV24B and ST-PV45B models are equipped with automatic doors for seamless operation.

  3. The pre-vacuum pressure steam sterilizer is equipped with advanced microprocessor control for precise and reliable performance.

  4. Automatic water filling, automatic hydration to minimise manual intervention.

  5. LCD touch screen, graphical and digital display of all the operating status of each function, such as heating, pressure relief, exhaust, power off.

  6. Drying function.

  7. Standard accessory: USB Port,Thermal Printer.

Safety protection

  1. Automatic fault diagnosis

  2. Automatic over-temperature protection

  3. Over-pressure protection

Pre-vacuum Pressure Steam Sterilizer Applications:

Pre-vacuum pressure steam sterilizer is suitable for medical dressings, biological products, instruments and vessels, sterile clothing, waste, moisture and heat-resistant instruments or items with high sterilization requirements, as well as dentistry, ophthalmology, operating rooms, supply rooms, dialysis Sterilization of packaged or unpackaged solid instruments, Class A cavity instruments (dental handpieces, endoscopes), implantable instruments, dressing fabrics, rubber catheters and other items in medical and health departments such as rooms and delivery rooms.

Pre-vacuum Pressure Steam Sterilizer Specifications:

Chamber SizeΦ246x450mmΦ320x620mm
External Sizes (WxDxH)(mm)715x513x425900x565x600
Working Temperature5C-40C
Sterilization Temperature134℃/121℃
Sterilization Pressure0.25Mpa
Chamber Material304 corrosion-resistant stainless steel material
Strilization ModeExposed instruments, Packaged instruments, Fabric hollow, Rubber products, BD testing, Vacuum testing
Drying ModePowerful vacuum drying, suitable for drying diferent items: residual moisture in equipment <0.2%, residual moisture in dressings <1%.
DisplayLCD touch screen
Capacty for Water Tank2L6L
Water Consumption0.5-1L0.8-1.5L
Power Supply220V 50Hz
Gross Weight49KG108KG
Shipping Size (WxDxH)(mm)830x600x5301050x700x800

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