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Portable Dust Detector

Model : DD-P1B
Detection Method : Pump suction
Detection Principle : Laser
Resolution : 1μmg/m3; 1mg/m3
Sampling Time : 1 minutes
Size(W×D×H)(mm): 2300x1300x430
With its fast sensor response time, the dust detector monitors the concentration and size of airborne dust in real time.

The DD-P1B dust detector is a cutting-edge dust detector utilizing laser scattering and pump sampling principles. Its primary function involves detecting suspended particles in the air, with the output data presented in concentration-weight mode. The instrument leverages advanced microcomputer technology, where the central processing unit efficiently processes collected information. Noteworthy features include rapid processing speed, robust anti-interference capabilities, and high measurement accuracy.

Comprising a touch screen, high-performance air pump, dust concentration detection circuit, data processing circuit, undervoltage display, safety power supply, and Bluetooth printer, this detector sets itself apart from traditional instruments. The touch screen control enhances user convenience by simplifying operational steps, providing a more user-friendly experience compared to conventional detectors.

Portable Dust Detector Features:

  1. User-friendly touch screen interface for intuitive operation.

  2. Incorporates a high-power carbon film self-priming pump for efficient performance.

  3. Streamlined one-key switch operation for simplicity.

  4. Equipped with sound and light alarms for effective alerting.

  5. Features an alarm record function to track and analyze alarm occurrences.

  6. Boasts a dust detection function to enhance overall monitoring capabilities.

  7. Efficient data storage function for convenient record-keeping.

  8. Includes clock display with modification options for time tracking.

  9. Bluetooth connection function for enhanced connectivity.(Optional)

Portable Dust Detector Specifications:

Detection GasDust (PM10, PM2.5, PM1)
Detection MethodPump suction
Detection PrincipleLaser
Measurement Range(0~1000)μg/m3; (0~1000)mg/m3; (other range can be customized)
Resolution1μmg/m3 ; 1mg/m3
Display ModeLCD touchscreen operation
Battery3.7V 4000mA
Power Supply ModeLi-ion rechargeable battery
Alarmsound and light alarm
Response Time<20s
Work EnvironmentTemperature: -20℃-60℃; Humidity: (0%-95%)RH
Sampling Time1 minutes
Sampling Flow0.5 l/min
Update Frequency≥2 seconds
Data Storage1000 (erasable)
Bluetooth Transmission Distance
10 meters (with obstacles); 30 meters ( no obstacles)
Life Span5 years

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