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PMMA Anaerobic Jar

Model : AJ-PP2I/3I/4I/5/7/10I; AJ-HP2/3I/4/5/7/10

Type : Pumping Type Jar, about 3 to 5 minutes every time; 
           Hermetic Type Jar, about 4 hours every time

PMMA  Anaerobic Jar Feature:

  1. Excellent airtight performance, avoiding any undue leakage

  2. PMMA material, smooth surface, shock and impact resistant

  3. Jar and lid are both transparent, sealing between lid and jar consists of an excellent quality O-ring

  4. Strong jar-lid-clamp construction, guarantee the overall airtight performance

  5. Colored stainless steel clamp with power electrostatic painting, durable and convenient for experimental management

  6. Adopting quick snap-shut coupling, enabling quick connection to the system in one swift move

  7. For AJ-PP2I/3I/4I/5/7/10I, configuration list: anaerobic jar, 15/25R rack, pressure gauge (standard: oil type, optional: oil-free type);

  8. For AJ-HP2/3I/4/5/7/10, configuration list: anaerobic jar, 15/25Rrack.

PMMA  Anaerobic Jar Specifications:

Capacity1 stack of 6 dishes (ф9-10cm)
ф=130mm, h=150mm; 1.5L
1 stack of 12 dishes (ф9-10cm)
ф=130mm, h=240mm; 2.5L
1 stack of 18 dishes (ф9-10cm)
ф=130mm, h=330mm; 3.5L
3 stacks of 6 dishes (ф9-10cm)
ф=240mm, h=120mm; 5L
3 stacks of 8 dishes (ф9-10cm)
ф=240mm, h=160mm; 7L
3 stacks of 12 dishes (ф9-10cm)
ф=240mm, h=230mm; 10L
Petri Dish Holder15R25R15/25R3/25R3/25R3/25R
TypePumping Type Jar, about 3 to 5 minutes every time
Shipping Size (W×D×H)(mm)270x235x320270x235x420270x235x520400x390x360400x390x390400x390x490
G.W. (kg)4458910

Capacity1 stack of 6 dishes (ф9-10cm)1 stack of 12 dishes (ф9-10cm)1 stack of 18dishes (ф9-10cm)3 stacks of 6 dishes (ф9-10cm)3 stacks of 8 dishes (ф9-10cm)3 stacks of 12 dishes (ф9-10cm)
Petri Dish Holder15R25R15/25R3/15R3/15R3/25R
TypeHermetic Type Jar, about 4 hours every time
Shipping Size (W×D×H)(mm)270x235x320270x235x420270x235x520400x390x360400x390x390400x390x490
G.W. (kg)44.55889

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