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-25°C Lab Chest Freezer

-25°C Laboratory Freezer

-25°C Upright Freezer

-86°C Ultra Low Temperature Freezer

-86℃ Ultra Low Temperature Freezer

0.0001 g digital scale

0.001 g digital scale

1500ml Fully Automatic Tissue Slide Stainer

150μL Large Capacity Analyzer

1700℃ Muffle Furnace

2-8°C Medical Refrigerator

2PCS Plates Microplate Incubator

3 part hematology analyzer

3d orbital shaker

3D Shaker

4PCS Plates Microplate Incubator

4°C Blood Bank Refrigerator

5 head teaching microscope

5 part hematology analyzer

60-300μL Large Capacity Analyzer

ABBE Digital Refractometer

ABBE Refractometer

Acid cleaners

Acid Steam Cleaning System

Acid-base Neutralizing Apparatus

Adjustable Volume Pipette

Adjustable Volume Pipettes

Advanced Auto Tissue Slide Stainer

AED Device

Air Generator

Air Jacketed Co2 Incubator

Air purifier

Air Shower

Airflow cabinet

Airflow Tester

aluminum hotplate

aluminum tray hotplate


alveograph test

Amylose Tester

Anaerobic Chamber

Anaerobic Incubator

Anaerobic Jar

anaerobic workstation

Animal Cage Washing System

Anticorrosive Vacuum Pump

Aquarium water quality meter

Area Meter

Atleaf chlorophyll meter

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

Auto Biochemistry Analyzer

Auto hematology analyzer

Autoclavable Pipette

Automated Coagulation Analyzer

Automated ESR Analyzer

Automated External Defibrillation

Automated External Defibrillator

Automated tissue processor

Automatic 3D Cell Culture System

Automatic Bedding Adding System

Automatic Bedding Dump System

Automatic Biological Reader

Automatic Chemiluminescence Gel Imaging System

Automatic Digital Refractometer

Automatic Drinking Water Filling System

Automatic Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer

Automatic External Defibrillator

Automatic Gel Imaging and Analysis System

Automatic Glassware Washer

Automatic Karl Fischer Coulometric Titrator

Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer

Automatic Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter

automatic pipette filler

Automatic Polarimeter

Automatic Sampling Seed Counter

Automatic Sealing Machine

Automatic Seed Counter

Automatic Titrator

Automatic Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator

Automatic Medical Washer

Automobile Exhaust Analyzer

B2 Biological Safety Cabinet

Bacteria Counter

Bacterial Colony Counter

Bacti-cinerator Sterilizer

Basic Peristaltic Pump

Basic pocket pH tester

Bath Water Temperature

Battery Stability Test Chamber

Battery Test Chamber

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