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Hydrogen Peroxide Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer

Model : ST-HT60P; ST-HT100PI; ST-HT140P; ST-HT190P

Chamber Volume : 60L/100L/135L/190L
Construction : 5052 Aluminium
Control System : Siemens PLC
Printer : Thermal Printer
The hydrogen peroxide low temperature plasma sterilizer has the advantages of high flexibility, easy operation, fast sterilisation and no chemical residue.

Low temperature hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilizers are used for sterilizing heat-sensitive medical devices, dental equipment, laboratory equipment, pharmaceuticals, veterinary instruments, and beauty industry tools. They provide safe and effective sterilization while preserving delicate materials.

Hydrogen Peroxide Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer Technical Advantage:

  1. Low temperature sterilization at 50℃±5℃, preserving delicate items without damage.

  2. Green and pollution-free process using hydrogen peroxide solution, no toxic substances or pollution.

  3. Stable sterilization with balanced temperature and stable hydrogen peroxide concentration.

  4. Efficient design with rectangular sterilization chamber for increased loading capacity.

  5. Safe and stable operation with electric lift door and safety interlock device.

  6. Simple operation with intelligent control processor and one-key start.

  7. Configured with high-quality components for reliable performance.

  8. Time and cost-saving with short sterilization cycle and low operating costs.

  9. Equipped with sterile filter for air inlet to prevent secondary pollution.

  10. U disk storage function for storing and recording sterilization data.

Hydrogen Peroxide Plasma Sterilizer Specifications:

Chamber Volume60 L100L135L190L
Construction5052 Aluminium
Processing Temperature45-55°C
Control SystemSiemens PLC
Display7 inch Touch Screen
PrinterThermal Printer
Touch Screen FunctionsPhase Temperature Date and time Cycle Selected Alert message
Data StorageMemory Card
Total Cycle TimeShort cycle  30 minutes, long cycle 50 minutes, lumen cycle 60 minutes
Noise< 60 db
AlarmDoor Lock Dosing failure Low / High Temp. range Vacuum & Pressure
IncubatorNoBiological Incubator
Power Supply220V, 50Hz
Package Size890x750x1660mm1270x920x1940mm1270x920x1940mm
Gross Weight230kg350kg

Hydrogen Peroxide Plasma Sterilizer Features:

●High-quality 5052 aluminum material for sterilization room, with excellent thermal conductivity.

●ABS plastic disposable outer box material.

●Aluminum alloy electrode mesh and sealing door material.

●Upper and lower layers of aluminum alloy punching plates for loading sterilized items.

●Electric lifting door with infrared sensor switch and door anti-pinch function.

●Preheating heating time of ≤30 minutes.

●Full automatic control system with LCD touch screen display and PLC circuit design.

●Micro-printer for printing and saving data during sterilization.

●Siemens smart series PLC control system.

●7-inch color touch screen display with various status information.

●Storage function for recording sterilization data.

●Dedicated constant temperature incubator for biological indicator monitoring.

●Built-in pressure and temperature sensors for precise control.

●Two program options for circulation and rapid circulation.

●Network connection port available.

●Vacuum system with fast vacuum rate and long service life.

●Oil mist filter and air filter for exhaust filtration.

●Transistor control power supply for stable power output.

●Cartridge filling method for hydrogen peroxide.

●Explosion-proof flame retardant heating system.

●Over-voltage and over-temperature protection functions

Hydrogen Peroxide Plasma Sterilizer Applications:

Hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilizers are used for the sterilization of medical instruments and equipment. The plasma sterilization process involves using hydrogen peroxide vapor in a low-temperature plasma state to eliminate microorganisms, ensuring the devices are free from pathogens. These sterilizers find applications in healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, and laboratories, where a reliable, low-temperature sterilization method is crucial for sensitive medical instruments that cannot withstand traditional high-heat sterilization techniques.

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