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Grain Moisture Meter KMS680-G

Model: KMS680-G
Measurement Modes : Single & Continuous
Measuring Range : 5-80%
Temperature Range : -10℃~60℃
Resolution : 0.1
This grain moisture meter is designed for the transfer, acquisition, storage and processing of packaged grain. Whether on the farm, in the warehouse or in the processing plant, it prevents mould and quality deterioration.

This grain moisture meter uses an advanced conductive method and temperature compensation technology to ensure accurate and reliable moisture measurements in a variety of environments. Whether on the farm, in the warehouse, or in the processing plant, this moisture meter can quickly detect the moisture content of wheat, corn, soybeans, rice, and many other grains, effectively preventing mould and quality deterioration.

Grain Moisture Meter Features:

  1. The maximum number of grains that can be measured is 36.

  2. Standard specifications for testing the moisture content of coffee and cocoa beans.

  3. Self-calibration function,automatic power-saving function,battery replacement indicator function and automatic hold function.

  4. Function to calculate the average value.

  5. Automatic temperature compensation.

  6. Standardized testing for quick and accurate results.

  7. Optional RS232, USB, or Bluetooth.

Grain Moisture Meter Specifications:

Display4 digital LCD
Measurement ModesSingle & Continuous
Measuring Range5-80%
Temperature Range-10℃~60℃
Humidity Range5%-90%
Grains36 types
Response Time1 second
Measurement contentWheat/Rye, Maize/Corn, Soya Beans, Paddy, Rice, Barley/Oats, Sorghum/Milo, Buckwheat, Peas, Oilseed Rape, Mustard Seed, Sunflower seed, Sugarbeet Seed, Coffee, Coffee Green, Cocoa Beans, Linseed, Lentils, Ground nuts Hulled, Grass Seed/Rye grass, Grass Seed/Cocksfoot, Clover/White Seed, Clover/Red Lucerne Seed, Brassicas/Clover/Red Lucerne Seed, Brassicas/Brussels Sprout, Cabbage seed, Beans/Tic/Winter, Wheat/Rye (Ground), Paddy (Ground), Maize/Corn (Ground), Semolina,Soya Beans(Ground), Barley/Oats (Ground), Coffee (Ground), Sorghum/Milo (Ground), Flax (Whole), Peas (Progreta)(Ground), Flour/Soft Wheat Wheat
Power Supply4 battery
Shipping Size (W×D×H)(mm)504x110x54
G.W. (kg)1

Applications of Grain Moisture Meter:

KMS680-G intelligent grain moisture meter can accurately and quickly detect the moisture content in cereals, maize, grass seeds, oilseeds, Coffee & Cocoa bean and legumes seeds. It is applicable to the allocation, purchase, storage and processing of packaged grains.

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