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GMP Washer

Model : GMP-600; GMP-1200; GMP-1600
Inner Chamber Capacity(L) : 688L/1210L
Open Mode : Single/Double Door
Printer : Built-in
Size(W×D×H)(mm) : 1540×950×1990; 1825×1220×1990
Versatile and efficient GMP washer that handles all types of parts and equipment.

Our GMP washer is designed strictly in accordance with GMP standards, which provides a traceable cleaning process and standardized cleaning solution. It made with pharmaceutical-grade materials, ensuring a safer and cleaner production process. It is mainly used for cleaning key compo nents, such as fermentation tanks, large balloon bottles, large glass products, filling and packaging machine parts, mixers, funnels, pallets, boxes, table-ting tools and other items for the production of medicines, diagnostics, cosmetics and food.

Advantages of GMP washer:

1. Siemens PLC control system with full color LCD touch screen

  1. Built-in multiple cleaning programs and customizable programs, capable of programming process cycles according to user requirements.

  2. Preventive maintenance and identification and resolution of faults, equipped with a built-in service diagnostic program, capable of systematically verifying and rechecking the operation of components.

  3. Reserve ERP/MES communication interface (LAN cable) to connect with the SCADA system, providing free communication protocols, IP addresses, point tables, and corresponding technical support to complete the SCADA data acquisition tasks,

2. Advanced cleaning system

  1. Highly efficient and energy-saving circulating water pump:

    Made of AISI316L.

    Casing and impeller undergo a polished treatment to achieve a smoothness of Ra≤0.6μm, effectively eliminating residual chemical substances.

    Equipped with a variable frequency startup control to prevent any impact on vessels and appliances during the pump's startup moment.

  2. The multi-channel chemical cleaning peristaltic pump can automatically distribute cleaning agents into the chambers according to programmed requirements. It is equipped with a low liquid level sensor to monitor for any liquid shortage.

  3. The cleaning basket rack is supplied with water using a single or dual water supply method. After each cycle, the water in the drainage pipeline is discharged.

  4. The circulation pipeline is equipped with a pressure monitoring system, and the screen displays the real-time water pressure of the cleaning spray. When the cleaning water pressure is abnormal, the operation of the circulation pump is temporarily paused.

  5. The spray arm speed sensor monitors the real-time rotation status of the spray arm. When the spray arm rotation is abnormal, the operation of the circulation pump is temporarily paused.

  6. The inner tank of the water tank is equipped with low liquid level and high liquid level alarm devices to ensure the supply of cleaning water.

2.Advanced cleaning system

3. Advanced drying system ensures thorough drying.

  1. Compressed air drying system, where dry air is injected into the vessel's interior through an injection-type cleaning basket rack.

  2. Equipped with AAF H14 air inlet HEPA filter.

4.Safety protection system, fully ensuring the safety of operators.

  1. The door's sealing is achieved through compression, and the sealing effect can be ensured by monitoring the door's sealing gasket in real-time. This real-time monitoring can improve the sealing effectiveness of the door, preventing the leakage or entry of gases, liquids, dust, and other substances.

  2. Water overheating protection, hot air heating overheating protection, water pump overheating protection, fan overheating protection, etc.

  3. Coarse filtration system, water tank filtration system, circulation pump, drainage pump pipeline filtration protection, etc.

  4. Audible and visual alarm: Operation status indicator lights, located on the top of the machine, display the machine's operating status in real-time through green, yellow, and red colors. Alarms should be issued for equipment abnormalities and deviations. Automatic sound alarms can be implemented. Alarm information, including alarm codes, alarm time, and alarm release time, can be displayed on the screen.

GMP Washer Specifications:

Model GMP-600 GMP-1200 GMP-1600
Capacity(L) 688 1210 1690
Control System Siemens S7-1200
Display 7 inch LCD Touch screen
Standard Program 20
Permission Management System Four level
Storage USB port
Printer Build in Printer
Cleaning System Cleaning Temp Range RT to 93℃
Cleaning Method Spray cleaning
Cleaning Agent Addition Channel Double channel
Cleaning Agent Storage Capacity 5L x 2units
Advanced Function Audit tracking
Spray arm speed sensor,Pipeline pressure monitoring
Circulating pump variable frequency startup
Drying System Drying Mode Hot air injection via sprinkler by compressor fan
Drying Time Range 15 to 30 mins
Drying Temp Range RT to 120℃
Air Volume 270M3/H 345M3/H 420M3/H
Water Inlet Pipe Quantity 2 units
Material 304 stainless steel
Water Pump Brand World-renowned brand
Flow Rate ≥1000L/min
Structure Material AISI316L stainless steel
Door Double-layered, hollow-tempered glass side-opening door with a stainless steel frame
Power Supply 380V, 50/60Hz
Consumption 22kW 26kW
Internal Size(W×D×H)(mm) 830X830X1000 1100X1100X1000 1300X1300X1000
External Size(W×D×H)(mm) 1540X950X1990 1825X1220X1990 2050X1420X1990
Shipping Size(W×D×H)(mm) 1700X1250X2240 2100X1550X2240 2350X1700X2240
N.W./G.W. (kg) 650/730 800/900 950/1070

Cleaning Basket for GMP Washer:

Cleaning Quantity
Cleaning Type External Volume GMP-600 GMP-1200 GMP-1600
1L Blue Cap Bottle H: 225mm
φ: 100mm
80 126 178
10L Blue Cap Bottle H: 415mm
φ: 230mm
9 16 20
20L Blue Cap Bottle H: 515mm
φ: 300mm
4 9 12
10L Vigorously Bottle H: 435m
φ: 230mm
9 16 20
15L Vigorously Bottle H: 535mm
φ: 240mm
6 12 20
20L Vigorously Bottle H: 510mm
φ: 300mm
4 9 12

Note: Our cleaning racks can be customized according to your cleaning needs.

Cleaning Basket-1

1L Blue Cap Bottle Cleaning Basket

Cleaning Basket-2

10L Vigorously Bottle Cleaning Basket

Cleaning Basket-3

20L Vigorously Bottle Cleaning Basket

Customized Cleaning Racks:



GMP Washer Features:


  1. Incorporating a hollow tempered glass door, enabling operators to observe the chamber's interior even when the machine is closed.

  2. Offering the option of a single or double door design, suitable for use in both contaminated and clean areas.

  3. Equipped with an emergency stop switch for secure and immediate shutdown in case of emergencies.

  4. Providing a basket cart for the convenient loading and unloading of baskets.


  1. The cleaning chamber, including the water tank, is constructed from polished 316L stainless steel, featuring precision argon welding and an overall curved, sloping design. The cleaning machine shell is made of 304 stainless steel.

  2. Components of the spray cleaning system, such as the filter screen, rotating spray arm, and cleaning basket pipeline, are crafted from 316L stainless steel.

  3. All circulation pipelines and areas that come into contact with the circulating medium are composed of 316L stainless steel, pharmaceutical-grade silicone resin, and polytetrafluoroethylene material.

  4. Chamber lighting is integrated within the cleaning chamber.

  5. The insulation layer is free from asbestos and chlorine, effectively minimizing heat emissions to the utmost extent.

GMP Washer Application:

The GMP washer is a dedicated cleaning system designed for the thorough cleaning of critical components used in the production of pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, cosmetics, and food items. These components include but are not limited to fermentation tanks, large bioreactor vessels, sizeable glassware, parts of filling and packaging machinery, mixers, funnels, pallets, containers, tableting tools, and other vital equipment.

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