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Automatic Glassware Washer (Medical Type)

Model : WD-360M
Capacity(L) : 360/560
Material : SUS304 stainless steel
Number of baskets : 8/12
Size(W×D×H)(mm) : 2060X950X825 / 2007X950X1075
Designed for ease of operation and flexible loading. Two-side opening design and open shelves and can accommodate a wide range of requirements

Glassware Washer Features:

This is a professional automatic glassware washer with a large capacity plus a double door design to accommodate more glassware. The low water consumption for washing and sterilizing makes it cost-effective to run. Scitek's glassware washer can do the job if you plan to wash and rinse bottles, barrels, tanks or containers.

  1. The LCD display clearly and intuitively indicates operation, speed and consumption parameters.

  2. Standard cleaning rack

  3. Toughened glass door

  4. Easy to use and clean, almost maintenance-free

  5. High quality, state-of-the-art technology and excellent after-sales service

Glassware Washer Application:

  1. Chemical Industry: Bottle washers are used in the chemical industry to clean and prepare bottles for packaging chemicals, detergents and other chemical products.

  2. Hospitals and Laboratories: In healthcare environments, bottle washers are used to clean and sterilise bottles and containers used for medical solutions, laboratory reagents and other healthcare related applications.

  3. Environmental Testing: Laboratories engaged in environmental testing may use bottle washers to ensure the cleanliness and sterility of bottles used to collect and store environmental samples.

  4. Research and Development: Research laboratories and development facilities can utilise bottle washers to clean bottles used in various experiments and research projects.

Glassware Washer Machine Display:

Bottle Washer Machine-1

Standard deaning rack

Bottle Washer Machine-2

Toughened glass door

Bottle Washer Machine-3

LCD display

Glassware Washer Machine Specifications:

Model WD-360M
Capacity(L) 360
Material SUS 304 stainless steel
Number of Baskets 8
Spray Electric Power 1.6KVA
Wind Voltage Power 2.2KVA
Water Heating Power 20KVA
Drying and Heating Electric Power 6KVA
Drying Temperature 90℃
Disinfection Temperature 93℃
Cleaning Rack Layer Number 4
Water Pressure 0.2Mpa-0.5Mpa
Working Noise ≤75dB
Clean the Air in and Out Manual control in and out
Power 31KVA
Power Supply AC380V, 50Hz
Chamber Size(W×D×H)(mm) 627x595x980
Size(W×D×H)(mm) 2060x950x825
Shipping Size(W×D×H)(mm) 1090x940x2160
N.W./G.W. (kg) 340/430

Comparison of cleaning effect

Before cleaning grease contaminants

Before cleaning grease contaminants

After cleaning grease

After cleaning grease

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive after sales service dedicated to ensuring that our customers receive excellent support and a satisfactory experience after purchasing their Glassware Cleaning Machine. Our after-sales service team is on hand to provide technical support, training and to resolve any issues that may arise.


Package Glassware Washer Shipment


Package Glassware Washer Shipment

After Sales Services include:

  1. Technical Support: Our professional technical team will provide remote technical support to assist you in solving any problems encountered in the use of the machine and provide operational advice.

  2. Training: We can provide training in the operation of the glassware cleaning machine on request to ensure that customers are able to make full use of the machine's features.

  3. Spare parts supply: We provide original spare parts to ensure the long-term and stable operation of the equipment.

  4. Regular Maintenance: We recommend and provide regular maintenance services to ensure the performance and longevity of the equipment and minimise the risk of breakdowns.

Packaging and Shipping:

  1. Professional Packaging: Glassware cleaning machine will be professionally packaged to ensure the safety of the equipment during transport and to prevent damage or collision.

  2. Detailed labelling: The packaging will be detailed with important information about the equipment to ensure correct and safe handling and loading.

  3. International Shipping: We provide worldwide international shipping services to ensure that the products can be delivered to the customer's designated location in a timely and safe manner.

Customer satisfaction is always our top priority, and we ensure a hassle-free experience after purchasing the Glassware Cleaning Machine through our excellent after-sales service and reliable package shipping solutions. If you have any further questions or needs, please feel free to contact our customer service team.

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Scitek Global is professional manufacture of Laboratory Instruments and Medical Devices, certified by ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO45001 and ISO14001. Products are certified by ETL, CE and FDA etc.

We look forward to establishing cooperation with more distributors all over the world, and working together to create greater customer value. Together we will be different.

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