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Bluetooth Pocket pH Tester

Model : PH-BP
Range : -2.00 to 16.00 pH
Resolution : 0.01 pH
Accuracy : ±0.01 pH ± 1 digit
Calibration Points : 1 to 3 points
Shipping Size (WxDxH)(mm) : 280x330x130
Equipped with high-quality sensors and precision electronics, the bluetooth pocket pH tester delivers accurate and reliable measurements every time.

Bluetooth Pocket pH Tester Features:

  1. The pocket pH tester can measure pH, ORP (ORP probe optional) and temperature simultaneously.

  2. Cloud-based data management system – allows you to record, manage, and share your test data at your finger tip, never worry about data loss.

  3. Comprehensive Information Display – 4 types of measurement display modes to fit in different situations.

  4. The product can be used as a classic tester even without connecting to a smart phone.

  5. Ability to add sample name, operator name in every data set.

  6. Probe Replaceable.

  7. IP rating: IP67.

Bluetooth Pocket pH Tester Specifications:

pHRange-2.00 to 16.00 pH
Resolution0.01 pH
Accuracy±0.01 pH ± 1 digit
Calibration Points1 to 3 points
Auto. Temperature Compensation0 – 50˚C (32-122˚F)
mV (ORP Probe Optional)Range-1,000mV - +1,000mV
Resolution± 0.1/1mV
Accuracy±0.1% FS ±1digit
TemperatureRange0 to 50˚C (32-122˚F)
Packing Including1. Meter (Probe and 4×1.5V AAA alkaline batteries preinstalled)
2. pH buffer solution: pH4.00/7.00/10.01, 30mL, one for each
3. 3.0 mol KCl pH/ORP soaking solution, 10mL, 1 bottle
4. Sample Vials 30mL: 3pcs
5. Lanyard: 1pc
6. Hard carrying case (L/W/H: 28.0×23.0×8.2cm)
Shipping Size (WxDxH)(mm)280x330x130
N.W. / G.W. (kg)1

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