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Biological Indicator


Applications of Biological Indicator:

Suitable for monitoring the sterilization effect of peracetic acid low-temperature sterilizers.

Usage method:

  1. Place this product in a peracetic acid low-temperature sterilization packaging bag as required, place the packaging bag in the most difficult sterilization position inside the sterilizer, and run the sterilization program.

  2. After sterilization, remove the biological indicators from the packaging bag. After confirming that the color of the chemical indicator on the label of the biological indicator has changed from blue to red, let the biological indicator cool to room temperature, press down on the indicator cover to close the side vent hole of the cover, use a special card slot on the reader to squeeze the indicator plastic tube, break the ampoule bottle inside the plastic tube, confirm that the bacterial tablet is completely in contact with the culture medium, and insert it into the quick reader for cultivation.

  3. At the same time, take another unsterilized biological indicator of the same batch number and crush the ampoule bottle according to the previous method, and use it as a positive control for cultivation under the same conditions.

  4. For the biological indicator used for culture detection, the culture medium ampoule bottle should be broken and placed in a reader for cultivation within 2 minutes.

  5. The detection time of this product in the fast reader is 0.5 hours. If it is necessary to observe the color change of the recovery medium, it needs to be cultured in the incubator for 24 hours.

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