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Automatic Medical Glassware Washer

Model : WD-470M; WD-540M
Capacity(L) : 470L; 536L
Display : Touch screen
Standard Program : 6
Self-defined Program : 12
External Size(W×D×H)(mm) : 1190x900x2020; 1270x1000x2020
Versatile and efficient automatic medical glassware washer that handles a wide range of wide-mouth beakers and medical glassware.

Automatic glassware washer mainly used for cleaning, disinfection, and drying of surgical instruments, glassware, anesthesia equipment, and plastic products

Advantage of Automatic Medical Glassware Washer:

Advanced Microcomputer control system with full color LCD touch screen:

  1. Utilizing human-machine interface and Siemens PLC, the control is precise, safe, and reliable. It supports one-touch start to finish, with the entire process automatically completed. It displays temperature, cleaning time, and the system is maintainable and upgradable.

  2. Adjustment device: To adapt to uneven ground, the equipment is equipped with an adjustment device, with a maximum allowable tilt angle of 5 degrees.

  3. Temperature Control Device: The temperature sensor uses a PT100 thermocouple, and the error caused by changes in ambient temperature should not exceed 0.08°C/°C.

Advanced water spray technology

  1. Each level is equipped with rotating spray arms, which have optimally arranged nozzles. The designed angles and quantity of the nozzles can coordinate well with the rapid rotation of the spray arms to achieve the best cleaning effect. The inlet of the circulation pump is equipped with a filter screen to prevent the spray arms from clogging

  2. Mainly composed of a peristaltic pump, silicone hoses, liquid storage tank, and liquid level float. The peristaltic pump injects cleaning agents, disinfectants, and additional lubricants from the liquid storage tank into the cleaning and disinfection chamber in stages to enhance the cleaning and disinfection effect.


  1. Sealed Door: The use of toughened hollow glass sealed doors allows for clear observation of the cleaning situation inside the cleaning chamber. The door structure is automatic with an up-and-down opening, saving space. The double doors interlock and are sealed by two cylinders, equipped with anti-pinch and overload devices, maximizing the safety of operators and equipment.

  2. Fault Indication: When there is insufficient enzymes, abnormal water pressure, abnormal air pressure, timeout for water inflow in the high and low-temperature chamber, or faults in loading and unloading doors, a buzzing sound will be emitted. When water heating and air heating exceed the protection values, the machine screen will display alarm information.

  3. Emergency Stop Device: Emergency stop devices are installed on the loading and unloading sides of the equipment to enable emergency power shutdown in case of equipment failure

Automatic Medical Glassware Washer Specifications:

Model WD-470M WD-540M
Capacity (L) 470L 536L
Display Touch screen
Standard Program 6
Self-defined Program 12
Storage Yes Yes
Permission Management System Three level
Printer Built-in dot matrix printer
Drying Drying System Heat Source, Fan, and Ventilation Ductwork.
Drying Time Range 10 to 15mins
Drying Temp Range 95 to 120℃
Drying Method Chamber forced hot air drying
Water Inlet Pipe Quantity 1
Length 4m
Material PU
Flow Rate 1100-1200L/min
Consumption 2.2kW 2.2kW
Pipeline Pressure Monitoring No Yes
Structure Material External 304 stainless steel
Cleaning Chamber 304 stainless steel
Door Automatic double door
Foot four universal casters at the bottom of the instrument for easy movement
Cleaning Layer 8 layer 12 layer
Power Supply 220V, 50Hz
Consumption 40kVA 40kVA
External Size (W×D×H)(mm) 1190x900x2020 1270x1000x2020
Shipping Size (W×D×H)(mm) 1400x1100x2300 1400x1100x2300
N.W./G.W. (kg) 680 750

Details of Automatic Glassware Washer (WD-540M):

Glassware Washer

Glassware Washer

Automatic glassware washer the door is designed for quick opening and closing, reducing the time required to place and remove samples and improving work efficiency.

Glassware Washer

Automatical Glassware Washer

Equipped with emergency stop button and status indicator to ensure safe operation and reduce accidents.

WD-540M (4)

The interior is equipped with a multi-directional spray system to ensure that glassware is thoroughly cleaned in every corner.

WD-540M (6)

WD-540M (14)

WD-540M (6)

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