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Mini Bioreactor

Model : BioR-M5

Maximum Working Capacity(L) : 500mL
Maximum Qty of Culture Vessel : 4
Capacity of Culture Vessel : 125mL or 500mL
Speed Control : 0-120 rpm stepper adjustable
Speed Accuracy : 1rpm
External Size : 390x352x104
Culture flasks for secretion products, recombinant protein expression and high yield monoclonal antibody (MAb) production

Mini bioreactor, designed for cell 3D suspension culture, is suitable for scientific research, R&D exploration, small pilot production process validation and cell scale expansion of the seed tank equipment use. The mini bioreactor improves cell culture flow field mixing performance and nutrient exchange through the suspension culture mode with ultra-low speed stirring, and is suitable for a variety of process scenarios such as suspension culture of walled cells with microcarriers, suspension culture of non-walled cells, suspension culture of special cells in clumps and balls, virus infection research, cell expansion culture and fermentation.

Mini Bioreactor Features:

  1. Simple interface, easy operation.

  2. Constant speed / intermittent / customized control to meet different experiment and production needs.

  3. Independently controlled main machine and controller. Real time control of main machine operation outside the incubator. Independently operated stations.

  4. 0 to 120 rpm low speed design with 1 rpm high precision and smooth operation to effectively improve cell proliferation rate.

  5. Unique insulation/heat dissipation design, stable temperature control to meet the needs of cell culture.

  6. Smoothly controlled speed to avoid damages to cells by shear forces during start, stop, acceleration and deceleration.

  7. Culture bottles with various sizes of 125mL/ 500mL etc, autoclavable and reusable.

Mini Bioreactor Specifications:

Maximum Working Capacity(L)500mL
Maximum Qty of Culture Vessel4
Capacity of Culture Vessel125mL or 500mL
Design of Culture VesselBuilt-in impeller, breathable cap,
bottle with high quality glass, autoclavable and reusable
Working ModeConstant / Intermittent / Customized
Speed Control0-120 rpm stepper adjustable
Speed Accuracy1rpm
Power SupplyAC220V,50/60Hz
Controller Dimension200x170x115
Shipping Size(W×D×H)(mm)760x510x280
N.W./G.W. (kg)6/8
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