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Automatic 3D Cell Culture System

Model : CCS-A2; CCS-A5; CCS-A10

Peristaltic Pumps : RPM range: <200 RPM
Temperature Sensor : PT100, Accuracy: ± 0.1°C
Sterilization Methods : Offline Sterilization
Working Capacity(L) : 2L; 5L; 10L
Size(DxH)(mm) : 140x256mm; 180x345mm; 230x381mm
The automatic 3D cell culture system offer significant advantages in improving experimental efficiency, ensuring experimental consistency, saving human resources, providing visual monitoring and enhancing laboratory safety.

Automatic 3D cell culture system is a digitalized, automated, scalable, enclosed and activated bioreactor. Self-developed HMI system with simple interface, humanized operation. Self-developed PLC main control board with precise control and complete functions to support customization and expansion. Accurate parameter control and powerful data management make cell culture worry-free, suitable for a variety of application scenarios including scientific research, clinical, industrial, etc.

Automatic 3D Cell Culture System Features:

  1. Low shear force for uniform mixing, high frequency nutrient exchange

  2. Customization Multi-level user setting

  3. Integrated system control/precise execution automation programs

  4. Cloud-based data, Real-time detection

  5. Complete data logging with audit trail

  6. Multi-recipe control to meet different process requirements

  7. Easy operation and simple interface

Automatic 3D Cell Culture System Specifications:

Control HostControl SystemRSSW-PC001V1.0
HMI15-inch color touch screen, 1024x600 resolution
Peristaltic PumpsRPM range: <200 RPM
Servo Motor0.4 KW; 1.27 N·m; 0-150 RPM; Accuracy: 1 RPM
Gas Mass Flow Meter2L:

O²: 0-40 mL/min; CO²: 0-40 mL/min; 

N²: Optional; 

Air : 0-60 mL/min

O²: 0-60 mL/min; CO²: 0-60 mL/min;

N²: Optional; 

Air : 0-100 mL/min

O²: 0-60 mL/min; CO²: 0-60 mL/min;

N²: Optional; 

Air : 0-100 mL/min

Temperature SensorPT100, Accuracy: ± 0.1°C
Dissolved Oxygen (DO)Scope: 0-212%, Accuracy: ± 1%;
Special impedance VP interface,shielding interference
Pondus Hydrogenii (PH)Scope: 0-14, Accuracy: ± 0.01;
Special impedance VP interface, shielding interference
Heating Consumption200W
Controller Size (W×D×H)(mm)490x400x862
Reaction TankMaterialsGlass: Single-walled high borosilicate glass;
Stainless Steel: 304 bracket, 316L top cover and pipe fittings
Sterilization MethodsOffline Sterilization
Total Capacity(L)3L7L13L
Working Capacity (L)2L5L10L
Device ConnectionGasAIR, O2, CO2, N2
Power SupplyAC220V, 50/60Hz
Total Consumption1500W
Shipping Size(W×D×H)(mm)980x570x1210980x570x1210980x570x1210
N.W./G.W. (kg)20/2721/2723/27

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