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  • Vacuum Freezing Centrifugal Concentrator, 96-well Plates
    Model : VCC-FP

    Maximum Centrifugal Force : 590×g
    Noise : ≤50dB(A)
    Temperature Range : RT.~100℃, increment of 0.1℃
    Temperature Control Accuracy : ±1℃
    This vacuum freezing centrifugal concentrator offers increased capacity flexibility and performance.
  • Medical Water Purifier
    Model : WP-RO100M/100MI; WP-RO150M/150MI; WP-RO200M/200MI; WP-RO300M/300MI; WP-RO500M/500MI; WP-RO1000M; WP-RO1500M; WP-RO2000M
    Water Quality (Conductivity) : ≤ 15us/cm
    System Recycle Rate : ≥60%
    Endotoxin, Bacteria : Removal Rate ≥99.9%
    Relative Humidity : ≤80%RH
    The medical water purifier boasts low energy consumption, effectively conserving energy, while maintaining reliable operation. With a closed water supply pipeline, it ensures stable water quality at the outlet.
  • Deionized Water Filter, WP-S Series
    Model : WP-S10D; WP-S20D; WP-S30D

    Deionized Water Quality : Resistivity 10-16MΩ-cm@25℃ higher than laboratory-level I water standard
    Working Pressure : 0.1-0.5Mpa
    Water Production : 10L/H (25 ℃), 20L/H (25 ℃), 30L/H (25 ℃)
    TDS (RO Water) :  <10ppm
    Outlet : 2, RO water, deionized water
    Use this advanced deionized water filter for specific applications. Easy to use and environmentally friendly.
  • Ultra Water Purifier, Supereconomic Series
    Model : WP-U10LSSE; WP-U10TOSE; WP-U10MBSE; WP-U10BSE; and other SE series

    Conductivity : <0.2μs/cm
    TOC : <3ppb; <5ppb; <10ppb; <20ppb
    Microorganism : <1cfu/ml
    Shipping Size(mm) : 595x540x650
    The supereconomic series ultra water purifiers can effectively remove bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and other harmful substances to ensure the safety and hygiene of experimental water.
  • Electric-heating Water Distiller, WD Series
    Model : WD-5; WD-10; WD-20

    Water Output : ≥5L/h, ≥10L/h, ≥20L/h
    Shipping Size(W×D×H)(mm) : 370x280x800, 450x320x920, 52x380x820
  • Highly Sealed Rotary Evaporator
    Model : RE-100P

    Evaporating Flask Volume : 50-2000ml(Standard configuration-1000ml)
    Receiving Flask Volume : 100-2000ml(Standard configuration-1000ml)
    Speed Range : 20rpm-280rpm
    Heating Temperature Range : Room temp. to 180℃
    Stroke Displacement : Automatic 150mm
    This rotary evaporator is exclusive to academic institutions and meets all your basic needs for evaporation.
  • Vacuum Freezing Centrifugal Concentrator, Touch Screen
    Model : VCC-FP1

    Maximum Centrifugal Force : 590×g
    Ultimate Vacuum : <10pa
    Noise : ≤50dB(A)
    Temperature Control Accuracy : ±1℃
    The VCC-FP1 vacuum freezing centrifugal concentrator is ideal when very high recoveries and very low adsorption are required.
  • Medical Water Purifier WP-HD Series
    Model : WP-HD100M; WP-HD150M; WP-HD200M; WP-HD300M; WP-HD500M; WP-HD1000M; WP-HD1500M; WP-HD2000M; WP-HD100MI; WP-HD150MI; WP-HD200MI; WP-HD300MI; WP-HD500MI
    Water Output 100L/H 150L/H 200L/H 300L/H 500L/H 1000L/H 1500L/H 2000L/H
    Water Quality (Conductivity) : ≤ 15us/cm
    System Recycle Rate : ≥60%
    Endotoxin, Bacteria : Removal rate ≥99.9%
    Sterilization Method : Ozone disinfection, UV disinfection.
    The medical water purifier is suitable for hospitals and other institutions with large water demand and low requirements on effluent water quality.
  • Ultra Water Purifier, Economic Series
    Model : WP-U5LSE; WP-U5TOE; WP-U5MBE; WP-U5BE; and other BE series

    Conductivity : <0.2μs/cm
    TOC : <3ppb; <3ppb; <5ppb; <20ppb
    Microorganism : <1cfu/ml
    Shipping Size(WxDxH)(mm) : 645x490x560
    The economic series ultra water purifiers can effectively remove bacteria and other harmful substances to ensure the safety and hygiene of experimental water. Now the ultra water purifiers for sale at affordable price.
  • Electric-heating Water Distiller
    Model : WD-5I; WD-10I; WD-20I

    Water Output : ≥5L/h, ≥10L/h, ≥20L/h
    Inlet Diameter (mm) : φ10
    Distilled Water Outlet Diameter (mm) : φ12
    Size(W×D×H)(mm) : 310x700, 355x820, 415x917
    The electric-heating water distiller is easy to operate just add water and start the unit without complicated steps for daily use in the laboratory.
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